Why Is Brisbane Family Lawyers So Famous?

Discover More about Preston & Associates Separation and Divorce providers. Please contact us. Before 2005, Andrew had expertise in general practice areas including wills, succession law, litigation and estate management, and agency matters. We’ll examine alternate dispute resolutions that may provide a appropriate resolution such as mediation, collaboration and negotiation. James Noble Law has taken another approach to family law and has experience in a variety of divorce legislation Brisbane matters.

Wedirect you to make the right choices for your case and’ll work together with you, on your team. With an extensive background in administration Liz has been since early 2014 with BWB, bringing a breadth of knowledge into the firm from across private venture, including six years in the legal sector, in addition to the public support and organisations.

Joining the team Tracey brings with her extensive expertise in family law at the Brisbane area. Whether you require help with business or family law, or would like guidance Family Lawyers Brisbane on litigation, criminal legislation estates or contested spouses, our seasoned attorneys in North Brisbane can help. At Cudmore Legal, we follow a cost practical and effective approach to resolving property disputes.

Amy Hollis is a Paralegal at the company’s Brisbane office, working with Zoe Adams and Dan Buckley. In property settlement issues Cudmore Legal can provide agreements that are pay-at-the-end or fixed fee arrangements on a case by case basis. De facto’s can have exactly the very same rights to children and property . Kiara Greenway is a Paralegal in the Brisbane office of the firm, working with Carla Franchina.

Our compassionate, caring and skilled attorneys are available to lead you through the process and reach a bargain. Clarissa Rayward is a family attorney, wife and mother who is passionate about relationships, individuals and loved ones. I’d love to thank you through my divorce that is extremely difficult, psychological and frequently unsettling.

Our staff of specialists are more than pleased to assist you regardless of what your situation may be and have many years experience in all areas of family law. DA Family Lawyers professionally and professionally functions with each customer to guide you through the process and provide quality legal support to resolve your issue that is personal to you.

Andrew McCormack is Collaborative Lawyer and a Senior Associate Accredited Family Law Specialist at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law. Book and Clarissa’s tradition both ‘Joyful Lawyer, Joyful Life’ offer insights and resources for legal professionals seeking fulfilling happiness and careers both in their own life beyond the law and in legislation.

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